Friday, July 1, 2011


For the next month, I will be away from home. I hope you will check back. My writing will irregular due to vacation circumstances, but I will try to check in as often as time allows. There will be no postings on the 4th and 5th.

The anticipation of traveling always leaves me with butterflies. I don't enjoy flying. I always know I'm forgetting something. Always sure I've packed too much. I try to slow time down, because I know the trip will be over all too quickly. I'm savoring every moment. Butterflies, calm down!

My life is richer for these trips home. I step back in time to a place that loved me. The memories will be rich with revisiting. People I will see once more will be even more precious.

My granddaughters are learning much from my trip home. They are learning that Grams is might be just a little more special than they realized. They will understand the importance of our roots. They will look in the mailbox for postcards and wait for Grammy to Skype. My suitcase will be frisked when I return home, and, the hugs will be priceless.

I'm leaving my home to return to another home, the one creating me. The one that calls to me daily.

Yes, I will board the plane. I won't be charged for the butterflies who accompany me. I know that when I walk through the airport gates, I will be home again.