Tuesday, July 5, 2011

High Above the 4th of July

The journey was easy, journey from there to here. I wasn't tired. A late morning flight is absolutely the best. I hugged my family before I left trying to store up enough essence to keep me company over the next month.

There's a sort of detachment that comes when flying high above the earth. Seat mates quickly become friends building a friendship that will last from one destination to another. A conversation behind me commences about how many guns each of the men own. I sit there biting my tongue wanting to say, "One is too many, you idiots." Across the aisle a man sits with his hand on his wife's knee. A reminder of my parents and the way they always reached for one another. For a few hours, a little community is formed.

"Do you have a bag up here?" I ask after we land.

"Yes, please," the man answers. I hand his bag down.

The man sat in next to me in the airport while we waited for our plane to arrive. He figited, paced and continued to look at me. I was determined to keep my seat since I was there first so ignored him.

I boarded the plane. As I settled into my seat.....

"Well, look at this luck," the same man said. "We have seats next to one another."

We flew through the night sky towards my final destination. One...two...three. They seemed to multiply across the dark landscape below. Red...white...green...yellow. Fireworks seen from above. A strange sight. I ooooed and ahhhhhed the same as I would have on the ground. Sitting on the aisle, I tried to glimpse out both sides of the small aircraft.

We never really know where all a flight will take us once we board a plane. Mine took me high above the 4th of July.

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