Wednesday, July 27, 2011

God Willing

miss my grammy on vacation. i miss you grammy if you read this. from Gabby dauter of Stacey that she loves a lot . i miss you grammy.

The Facebook message greeted me when I turned on the computer. Gabby had written the message on my profile from her mother's page. Sweet words that make a totally relaxed Grandma begin to think of returning home. 

I'm loving that my grandkids and I are in instant communication through the computer. The distance from Oregon to Indiana seems a bit shorter.

Gabby Skyped me yesterday. The scene behind her pretty face was confusing.

"Gabby, where are you?" I asked.

"I'm in the truck."

"Where is the truck?"

"In the garage."

Hm. I pondered this for a few seconds. "Why are you sitting in the truck in the garage?"

"Because we are having a fight so I came out here," she answered. "Grammy, just a minute. Watch me. I'm going to disappear for a little bit then you can see me again."

She placed the computer so I could watch her as she dashed across the back of the truck bed then over the side. A few seconds later she popped up on the stairs leading into the house.

"See me?"

Of course, I did laughing the entire time. A few minutes later the process was reversed, and she was back in the truck. Now I was talking to her and her sister.

I miss my granddaughters. Perhaps this separation will make us more appreciative of one another. Perhaps we discovered that we love one another a bit more than we thought we did...if that is possible.

"Grammy, I miss you," said the small voice on the phone one evening. "You'll be home in 5 days.  I really miss you."

"Oh, Honey, I miss you, too," I answered.

"I think Puddles forgot about you," she continued. "He's not being friendly to Mommy. I think he thinks she sent you away."

Ah, a dog giving payback. 

"Grammy, will you do something for me?" Gabby's small voice asked.

"Honey, I'd do anything for you," I truthfully answered.

"Don't die before you get home. I want to see you one more time."

God willing......

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