Monday, July 11, 2011

Gathering Our Own Memories

The cows munch grass. A horse pokes his head over the fence and nuzzles my hand. Pigs' tails wag faster than a pups. Tractors kick up dust in the fields. The clip clop of a horse pulling a buggy wakes me in the morning. I am home again.

Where are my granddaughters? Why aren't they here? I want them to share all of this history, this piece of quiet life that is so hard to find where we live. Oh, how I want them to walk through the barns and fields with me, to meet people they may never meet again.

Sometimes we just can't do it all. I can't be there to spend time at the fountain or to hike down the nature trails. I'm not there to participate in their summer laughter and little events of every day. Bringing my family back with me is not an option now. So we do the best we can apart.

Yes, we will appreciate one another a bit more. The hugs will be a bit stronger. Catching up will take awhile. Then once more we will fall into the rhythm of a usual day. For now, we go our separate ways gathering memories.

"I wish July was over," Gabby told her friend, Heather. "Then Grammy would come back."

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  1. I enjoyed my visit to your blog, Pamela. It is so nice that you have such a strong connection with your family. You made me remember a great piece of advice my son gave to me when he was very small and really didn't know that I would take it so much to heart, "Get a life, Mom." When you return to your grand children with stories of your adventures and the people you saw, you will appreciate your vacation all over again.