Sunday, July 24, 2011

Escape of the Loose Tongue

"Don't do it," I berate myself. "Don't you dare open your mouth."

You know it will happen. You see it coming. Oh, how you want to say something.

"Don't do it," I think stifling the words I long to say.

Being a woman of words, I find it very difficult to keep my mouth shut. Opinionated, overzealous, eager to help all toss me into trouble time and time again.

"Muzzle, woman!" I tell myself. "Don't do it."

How many times have my children said, "If I want your opinion, I will ask for it"? How often have I done the "open mouth, insert foot". Yet, I still fall into the trap. I'm getting better at 'zipping the lip'. I am better at letting things fall as they may.

I know that I hated having my parents and sisters tell me what to do or to give me warning about the obvious. I think perhaps this 'advice' stems from the years of watching over small children who are constantly learning. That protective instinct pops into place. They grow up, but the same tendency to protect and assist lies in place.

Sometimes I look at a picture hung to low or a potential problem coming to fruition. I smile a little thinking to myself, "Good job, Pam. You kept your mouth shut."

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