Friday, June 17, 2011

Wings of Love

Wings of love. They fly from childhood to adulthood. They fly aloft sprinkling the world with smiles and laughter. The wings of love.

Sometimes I think I forget that the world is here for me to love. I sometimes feel that my vision is blurred and I get lost in a haze. For a few moments I lose the me I truly am and find myself wallowing in the absurd.

There is a voice inside of everyone that tells us to be open and loving. Most of my life I've tried to find that voice and to settling into it. My words have echoed my journey from those times when I was lost to myself and my circumstances. A child seeks answers questioning her religion, her parents. Striking out in a world so faraway from her own. Looking for answers to her lifetime of questions.

We are embassadors in everything we do. We cannot walk another's journey yet we can be companions. We may be only a passing stranger, yet a smile can make a journey better. It can change a day, a moment in time.

I don't know where I'm going with this, but I do know that when I am aware of everyone around me, I feel part of a bigger plan. I cannot change the world, prejudice, hate. But I can change myself to be a positive force in the world.

Wings of love reside in every one of us.

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