Friday, June 24, 2011

A Verb

The bed became a boat on the rough seas of Beaverton, Oregon. Children clung to their computers as the boat bounced across the waves.

Okay, there wasn't really a boat. No, three girls were piled into my bed playing computer games and watching a little kids' TV show. We were in that goofy mood that makes being a grandma so much fun.

"You can't be sixty four," Heather exclaimed. "I thought you were fifty."

What a great way to gain points. I was waiting for the next statement that informed me that I acted like I was six going on seven.

The girls think I am fun and goofy. I think, perhaps, this might be the ultimate compliment for a grandma. It is for this one. I have my own definition of a grandparent.

Grandparent: Fun, Goofy. Teacher of manners. Counselor. Guardian of life's greatest gifts and possessor of all family memories. Able to leap tall buildings to save an endangered child. Imaginative enough to turn a mattress into a boat. A person full of love, sometimes love overflowing. A noun.

"Mom, why are you all in your bed?" my daughter asked when she came home. "Are you coming down?"

"We'll be down when the boat lands."

Grandma: verb


  1. It's the only way travel through the years with their childhood.

  2. I love the idea of "grandma" being a verb. And yes, they will still need you, they will still feed you. . . .