Sunday, July 17, 2011

Unemployed Update

Time has passed since I wrote about being an unemployed senior citizen. (Still not used to that senior thing.) Job apps go out. No interviews follow. Time passes. The arthritis in the hand worsens, my work experience goes further away from current. I've even lost track of my old bosses, my references. Would I employ me? No, not really.

I know I'm not alone. Many are living the same as me. Some have moved in with brothers or sisters. Some have moved in with children. Some are homeless. It is not a pretty place to be at our age. Life is longer so vague circumstances stretch further ahead of us. Life savings are spent. Homes are lost. Retirement dreams are long gone.

We also live with the fear that our already poor circumstances could worsen. We pray that Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security will not run out or change. Already the retirement age has gone up on me. Would the rest change by the time I retire?

Medical insurance destroys what little there is to live on while politicians and those who have never experienced what we are experiencing fight over a universal plan. There seems to be no way to move forward. Yet we must try. Despair and defeat are the worse enemies here.

Leaning on those we love should not represent failure. We have not failed. We raised our families as best we could. For many of us, we came out of the mode of homemaker into a world of the newly working woman. We stepped away from what we knew and tackled what we did not. We have faced loss and have survived. We are strong and so, too, are those who love us and want the best for us.

I don't know what lies ahead, but I do know that worrying about it will not make it better. I must do what I need to do daily to serve my family and myself as best I can. I am not a loser. I am not a failure. I am a woman who was a victim of the circumstances of an economy, of poor management in the workplace.

Hope is the staff we lean on, and purpose is our goal.


  1. What a shame that in this country that is commonly labeled as the greatest country in the world we can't put our citizens to work!

  2. The really sad thing now is that my resume is really ancient. Most of my old employers are gone. My references are from jobs long past. And, to top it off I have no current work. On paper I look lousy. In really life, I'm pretty cool.

  3. I'm 58, and I've been unemployed since April 2011. I have 3 degrees and am in South Central TX, and I can't find a job. I'm living off of savings that was supposed to buy me a condo as I am currently living in my childhood home that is in need of a multitude of repairs with my mother dead, my father in a nursing home, and no family except my 2 dogs. And I'm scared. The world has changed. No longer do you get responses from interviewers and recruiters. You just never hear from them again. The world has gotten more cruel, as we throw away anyone over the age of 55. What a shame! Like yourself, Pamela, I am not a loser but sometime it's hard to not think of myself as one. My only saving grace right now is after doing a Google search and finding your blog, I realize I am not alone. Hugs to everyone who reads this.

  4. Oh, Dear One, you are not alone. One thing we all need to know is that we are not alone and that we are not losers. It's difficult even in the best of times. The niggling resides in the back of our brains wanting a voice, a voice we must not give it.

    I believe that every positive thought, every positive person in this world can change the flow of energy and make it better. I write this blog to be a single voice hoping that others will join me.

    Please feel free to write any time. You will not be alone.