Thursday, June 30, 2011

Talk a Little

Conversation is unappreciated.

I think that those long hours of visiting when I was a child were important in creating this writer. Listening to adult conversations unexposed to television and other electronic draws, has given me an appreciation of this gift that I was unknowlingly given.

Last night we had a dessert for a friend celebrating a birthday. Her husband and daughter, the age of my granddaughter, came along for cake. We talked about a variety of things, things other than the children. Heather sat patiently listening. She didn't say she was bored or ask when they were leaving. The simple dessert ran to an 11pm finale.

This morning Sydney asked about the gathering since the girls were at their Dads. I told her that Heather was here, that we just sat and talked.

"You would have been bored," I said.

"No I wouldn't," she replied. "Lucky, Heather."

Maybe we underestimate the children. Maybe we feel that when we visit, we need things to entertain the kids who are forced to listen. Maybe we are taking away the lessons that conversation teach. I know that I would not be who I am but for those hours of sitting with Aunt Alma and my other relatives. Visiting with friends who added such a richness to my life. I would have missed conversations about the neighborhood and farming. When a conversation turned to weddings, funerals, illness, I learned to care.

Now I know how to have a conversation with just about anyone. I love the learning that still comes with different opinions and interesting topics. I love the building of community that silently builds through these conversations. Friendships become stronger and many are added just with time spent talking.

"I love those times," Sydney explained.

I love that she does.


  1. Good point. Sometimes when we don't know they are learning, they are learning a lot. We just have to watch ourselves so that they don't learn something we don't want them to know!

  2. Amen to that, Susan! Our toddler granddaughter is at that stage of obviously having a conversation but it's impossible for us to understand. I do wonder what she's learned already.