Monday, June 27, 2011

Morning Madness


Hm. It was dark behind my eyelids. I opened them and the sky was still a little grey from the early rise of dawn.


"Huh," I managed to moan.

"Mom, the dog is loose. He ran down the street. "Will you go with me to find him?"

We do all sorts of things for our children. Sometimes we don't want to do them, but we do. So I pulled myself out of bed. In nightgowns, we hopped into the car.

As children, we don't realize how often our parents step away from what they are doing in order to do for us. We don't realize that there are many things they don't want to do, yet they do them. They clean up after us. They lose sleep over us. They change plans because of us. They give to us on a daily basis. As a parent, we don't give it a second thought. We do what needs to be done without complaint, without expectation of praise. We do what needs to be done.

We found the humor in the morning jaunt to find the dog who was checking out the house down the street. He was exhausted. We were punchy tired. We didn't go back to bed. Seemed like a good time to do more mother/daughter bonding.

There are limits to what we will do for our kids. Sometimes they just need to accept responsibility and work through their problems.


Now what?

"There's a dead mouse next to my car."

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