Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Moment My Heart Grew

The thumping in my chest had a new beat. A shadowy screen showed me my granddaughter for the first time.

I remember watching my own pregnant tummy move from a force beyond my control from little arms and legs beating beneath the surface. I was mesmerized.

As we watched the sonogram, my daughter and son-in-law laughed pointing at Sydney's little nose and moving limbs. I could only think, "She is beautiful." Then the thought caught hold, "I'm a grandma!"

I was catapulted back to the night Stacey knocked on the door and said that she had something to tell me. A baby was coming. I was worried about their finances, but looking at the sonogram, all fear disappeared.

The girls and I pored over the pictures this morning. More than pictures. These little sheets of paper hold the past.
"I want to be in the pictures," Gabby said. "Where am I?"

"You weren't born yet, Honey."

"I want to see me in Mommy's tummy."

"Honey, Mommy has a picture of you. I just don't have one."

I'm wondering why I don't have one. Is it that second child syndrome where things slip through the cracks.

"Grammy, where are my albums," she continues.

"Honey, they must be in a box." I knew I didn't have one for her. Darn.

It is a long journey from those pictures taken of my granddaughters yet to take a breath. A wonderful journey.....evidently requiring a little more attention to detail.

The first sight of a child not yet born. The moment my heart grew.

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