Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Journey to Neverland

Perhaps the journey to Neverland starts here. Here in this place where I currently reside. In this shell that surrounds a beating heart and soul that continues to sing. Perhaps, just perhaps, I will finally find Neverland.

Sometimes I write, just write. Waking up every morning knowing that I have two blogs to write, writing five days a week all year long, often finds me a little empty of head. Writing about my home on Neff Road comes up blank. I wonder why I can't find something to write about considering all of the years I lived there. I should have at least eighteen years of stories. Yet often the page is empty. I've been a grandparent for twelve years. A parent for almost forty years. Yet, again, I find the page empty. So I do what writers do. I just write what pops into my head. Perhaps, just perhaps, my brain has something to say.

Maybe I'm a little Peter Pannish. I've always was sure I could fly. I tried jumping off of bales of straw. No success. I managed to swing across a barn on a rope. Could never do it without the rope. Flying hasn't quite yet clicked in, I guess. I think at the end of my life I will fly just fine.

My mind seems to jump at a moment's notice to silliness. I love to play and laugh and maybe, just maybe, fight pirates. I'm not opposed to jumping on beds and singing. I've chased a few shadows most of my life hoping to capture my own. Lessons learned.

Talk shows tell us about it. People write about it. And all of us experience it. We grow older. This age that I have finally captured has brought me to the edge of Neverland. Stress is coped with in new ways. Big issues seem to have shrunk over time. What was once important is now forgotten. Today is ever so important for it is a new day in Neverland.

Today my brain is writing. My hands are following the thoughts. Perhaps the reader will understand. I think I'll read this and see if I do.

The journey to Neverland has never been sweeter. I think perhaps today I will stand in the middle of the bed and crow.

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