Thursday, June 23, 2011

Isn't It Great

As a country kid, I grew up with a lot of greats around me. I didn't think much of it at the time. In fact, I really didn't think much about it until my granddaughters and I were looking through some old pictures. Yes, I was surrounded by greats.

Over the years I have had many of my friends talk about family mentioning that their mother has a sibling who lives somewhere far from Oregon. A person they barely know. My sisters live far from me. I try very hard to keep them in my granddaughters lives by talking about them, showing them old pictures. Sydney has found them on Facebook and can write to them. It is all part of sharing my past. However, until a bit ago I hadn't thought about all of the greats who were in the lives of the girl who lived back the lane on a farm.

Two of the greats in my life were my Great Uncle Jerry and my Great Aunt Alma. Both of them influenced me thus influencing my family. Uncle Jerry loved to hear me sing. He gave me encouragement. Aunt Alma taught me about nature. She actually read one of my first writing pieces and sent it for publication. These two people truly helped create the me I am today. Through me, they taught my children and now my grandchildren.

Family reunions were part of our yearly calendar. The Loxley clan met.....and it was a big clan. My great grandfather had a bizillion kids. Faces we only saw that one time a year were familiar faces. These were families that came to the farm to visit, or our Sunday drives would end up at one of their houses. I grew up with Greats.

On my trip back to Ohio, I will be with my aunt and uncle once more. My granddaughters see pictures of them, and I talk about them. I show them the rocks my aunt and uncle have given me. I tell them about my aunt being a Christmas baby, about my uncle showing me the stars. Each child has a prized Phoose Goose. The lessons Aunt Esther and Uncle Phil have taught me are given to my following generations.

My opinion is that it is pretty Grand to be Great.

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