Monday, June 6, 2011

The Grandma Chair

We spread it out on the ground. The picnic basket sitting between us. Sunblock in place. A gorgeous day. A blanket day.

Saturday Gabby and I attended and outdoor band concert. Our friend Heather plays the clarinet. We sat next to the covered shelter where we had a clear view of her. We watched the band while eating our picnic. It was a good day for Grammy and Gabby. Before long, the girl leaned against her grandma. Eventually, she made her way sitting between Gram's legs leaning back. I became a grandma chair. We sat snuggled under a bright sun enjoying the music but even more the companionship.

Later in the day the blanket would again leave the trunk of my car. I spread it out across the grass and laid my weary bones upon it. I had been working in my son's yard for the past three hours. I felt like a little kid once more dragging the blanket and my dolls to the yard beneath the old mulberry tree. A blanket on the grass is the best.

It's funny the things you remember. Mom and Dad had a car blanket. Red plaid, I believe. We had two blankets when the kids were growing up. One was an old yellow blanket and a grey Pendleton blanket. We sat on those watching fireworks, eating chicken, sometimes even playing games. Now I have three blankets in my car. They have been to ballgames, picnics, the Zoo. On cold days they have even found their way around a cold child or adult.

The blanket spread across the grass. I cautiously laid down. The dog was busy chewing on bark or digging in her spot below the hill. I closed my eyes and listened to rustling leaves and birdsong. A blanket pulled out for one of the first of our summer days. 

I like being a grandma chair. Good times are had on a blanket beneath the summer sun.

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