Thursday, June 9, 2011

Death of a Bracelet

RIP was written on the paper. I opened the page knowing that the words on it would be all from Gabby's heart. The death of a bracelet.

"So why is the dead bracelet in water?" I asked my daughter.

"I don't know. You know Gabby," she answered.

Ah, yes, I know Gabby. In many ways, I understand Gabby quite well because she has a bit of her grammy in her. Her imagination is wild and wonderful. Her heart encompasses all that passes by. She is quirky, silly and absolutely delightful. Gabby would never be able to purposely hurt anyone. It would never cross her mind.

This hair band was very inportant to me because it was on my rist or in my hair for a 1 year. It brings back lots of memirys. I loved that hair band.

Hm. We could work on the spelling a bit, but the wit and humor of the little girl amazes me. Yes, she is sincere, but it didn't start that way. It started when Mommy broke the band. A little idea blossomed into a full-fledged drama of creative thinking and ingenuity. Give her an idea, and she runs with it.

It's not always easy dealing with a child who has a mind that works a mile a minute. An imagination that knows no limits. A way of thinking that pulls in all of the sparkle of the world and wraps it up with love. Sometimes the silliness of it catches on.

Next weekend we will have a memorial for the wet, dead bracelet. I'm amazed that the broken arm band wasn't wrapped with a band-aid or resuscitated immediately following the attack. Probably a good thing I wasn't there at the time. The two of us could have really made the most of it. I hope Gabby never loses this sense of ridiculous. I hope she always sees the world with a little tilt toward the absurd.

It seems to have worked well for me.

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