Friday, June 3, 2011

The Dance of a Child

She hopped into the car talking a mile a minute. She beat her friend, who is a math wiz, in a math contest. She picked a wonderful toy from the teacher's bonus box. The talking seemed as though it would never cease.

"Grammy, I love you," she said amid the chatter. "You are the best grandma in the whole world."

Such simple beautiful words. I glanced in the rear view mirror. "Thank you, Sweetheart."

"Well, you are."

As a child, I was thrilled when an adult recognized me. As a parent, I was thrilled when my children said "Ma" for the first time. I could not wait form my grandchildren to recognize their grandma. But I treasure the unexpected.

Throughout the day, I thought of her words often. I hadn't done anything special. I just picked her up from school. I praised her for her success in the classroom. I listened to her adventures and shared them with her. I had done nothing to deserve such beautiful words. Or had I?

I know my granddaughters. Sydney does not like to talk about her day. She would rather come home, grab a snack and have me at her side as she does her homework. The snuggling and talk would come later in the day.

Gabby wants so much for someone to just listen. She doesn't want to ask for it, but delights in receiving the attention. I just need to learn the dialogue in order to be that someone for her. No presents are required. No allowances given. No oowy goowy gushing. Just learning the dance. A dance that differences with each child.

I looked at Gabby after we got home and wondered if she realized how deeply she is loved. My heart swelled with pride. My heart warmed. A grandma is loved.

The words were not the only signs of love. The love came through in the delight she had in telling about her day to someone who cared. Love comes in many guises. Yesterday mine came in just a few impromtu words from a beautiful little girl.

The dance of a child.


  1. It's the little things that matter! She was overflowing with happiness and realized that you are a big part of her happiness.

  2. Feels so good. I think she still loves me today, too!