Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Bottle Full of Transitions

"If I could keep time in a bottle......"

Spring is the beginning of summer but for many a time of transition. Children graduate. Children come home from college. Children move up a year in school and maybe leave the school they have attended for six years. Families are in constant transition. Summer just seems to bring on the realization that time cannot be stopped or put into a bottle.


I let that word stand alone because we in reality go through transitions alone. We might share them with others, but the truth is that we each process transitions for ourselves. Birth, death, retirement, all of it included in that constant transition that goes on.....sometimes when we don't even know it.

Life seems to go up and down. We make the most of the ride holding our hands up in the air when we go over the high points and learning what we're made of when we travel through the low points. We change in small ways. Sometimes in big ways. We change.

Time went so quickly when my son was in Chicago at Northwestern. One day he graduated from high school, the next it was from college. My granddaughter has gone from child to young woman in the course of a few months. In the blink of an eye, I have become a mother, mother-in-law, a grandmother. Oh, I wish I could keep time in a bottle.

Life goes on. We hop on the roller coaster the day we are born and dismount the day we die. We write a book in our years of transition. A book that sometimes makes us cry, but mostly, it makes us experience moments of reflection filled with laughter and joy. Today is a new page.



  1. Agree totally, Pam.
    I wonder if you uncorked that bottle of time, would it be like letting a genie out?

  2. Maybe when we finally open that bottle, we find God.