Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Best Laid Plans

Sometimes things just don't go the way you hope. Work schedules are shuffled to be in the front row to watch your child perform. Best laid plans.

The year end talent show was coming up. Gabby decided to play a xylophone solo. She doesn't play it much but decided to learn a song. How many kids would be playing a xylophone?! How many families had one???

Dad changed his busy schedule to drop by her school this morning. He works about twenty minutes from home. Mom changed her schedule. She would have her audience for her three minutes of fame.

We got to the school and Joel (Daddy) was sitting at the secretary's computer filling out a form. He had not submitted a background check. Yes, it said on the form sent home in bold letters that all parents needed one to attend. We got the paper and he did not so he didn't see it. Joel had been to the Science Fair, Back to School Night, conferences. We walked right into the school for the 5th grade program and to the back of the school for the carnival.

I understand the security checks. I understand the school liability. Yet we go to plays at the schools, band concerts, fund raisers, etc. My family all go to support the kids. Will each family need a background check? How much money will it cost the district?

I want security for my children. It was our fault that Joel didn't know this rule since we kept the form at our house. We both thought the check was for volunteers as it has been in the past. We did not read the form completely.

What happens where the kids go on field trips? Does someone go to the bathroom with each child and follow them around?

I don't know the answer. I only know the question. I will do whatever it takes to protect my grandchildren.

Gabby saw her Daddy in the hall and ran to him.  She knew he took time from work and came to see her on stage. When she heard that he couldn't come in to see her, she melted.

We had only a hand full of parents show up. All had been at the school at one time of another. The PTO president was there and he knows Joel. Joel was no stranger at the school. The principal is his neighbor.

Some children go home with parents and are abused....some even disappear. There are demons in our world, and we can't seem to keep them out. All we can do is protect our children.

A few years ago elementary school children were running around playing behind the bleachers in a darkened area. My husband, a teacher, went back and told them that they shouldn't be playing there. The father screamed and yelled at him for telling his kids what to do. There are no answers.

Well, such has been my morning. A video is on the way so we can send it on to Joel. Teaching Gabby how to handle disappointment will be a priority. Teaching children about safety is essential.

Oh, well. I think I'll go write a blog about Neff Road.

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