Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bearing the News

And then a bear came in the yard. And then a bear came in the yard.

You probably don't know the song about the chicken who came into the yard. The New Christie Minstrel did. Today is seems appropriate since two bears have wandered into the city in the last two days. Big black bears.

I'm watching live TV coverage of the bear roaming around behind an elementary school. It looks as though the entire police force has it surrounded, yet the bear eludes them. I know that the children in the school are glued to the windows watching. A nature lesson a step away. A lesson in saving a bear is in progress.

The bears seem to be coming in for food. Deer and coyote often find themselves within city limits, but bears are unusual. This poor bear is finding more than he bargained for. They think that the vegetation that normally the bear would eat this time of the year has not yet appeared. The weather has detained it. The bear wakes from a winter sleep, and dinner is not ready yet.

I know that my granddaughters will want to know all about the bear. It will be all over the news tonight. Sometimes nature insists on teaching lessons. We often forget how wild the area is surrounding our towns and city. We forget that our neighbors are bears, deer, beaver, mountain lion. We forget that we, too, are their neighbors.

Nature calls us back to reality. Today it calls in the visit by a very confused bear.

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  1. We had 2 bears in town (in NC) recently, too. They kept running away from people. Then one got to the airport, on the runway. They said he had to be shot. It doesn't seem right.