Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Baby is Born

A baby is born. The child grows and is molded by the life presented, by the people given at that first moment of air in the lungs. A baby is born.

A grandmother is born when a child says, "Mom, we're going to have a baby". The process of growing up seems to be starting all over again, all new. We toss away old beliefs. We find new ways of communication. Doors open not only for the children we have in our care but in the people be become through their different ages.

We look at the past with different eyes. We embrace what we didn't know we had at the time. We often feel more like an observer looking backwards, looking forwards. Still we are changing and growing.

The hair changes colors. The body wakes up to new changes. A wrinkle creeps up here and there. Laugh lines mark the years of laughter. The twinkle in the eye knows the sadness of loss.

A baby is born. A mother is born. A grandmother is born. On June 16, 1947, I was born.

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