Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Another Normal Day

"You cooked, I'll clean up," I told my daughter after a wonderful dinner of pulled pork and baked beans.

Syd helped put things away while I scrubbed fairly clean plates. We ate well tonight.

Stacey has a guy in her life. He's coming over. I think I'll go upstairs and read. A nice warm bath. The window open and a summer breeze coming in. I sit with a new book that is set where I grew up. Feet up in my own little world, a granddaughter pops in.

"Grams, Mom said I can sleep with you tonight," Sydney informs me.

"Ah, isn't it a school night?"


"Let's wait until school is out."


Back to my book.

"Hi, Grammy."

"Hi, Gabby."

"I think I'll come up and sit with you every night."

"Good. I'd like that."

"Well, gotta go."

Back to my book. Wow, a really good book.

"Grammy. I have sad news. My bracelet died," Gabby said holding a plastic container. Bracelet is written across the top.

"What happened, Honey?" I ask with much concern in my voice and a giggle hidden in my throat.

"Mommy broke it," she replied. "I'm going to have a memor....a memor....."

"A memorial?"

"That's it. I'm having a memorial for it. I need to write the invitations."

Off she goes. Back to my book. Where the heck was I?


"Yes, dear."

"Here's your invitation. Will you give Uncle and Auntie their invitation?"

"Of course, I will."

She disappears and I open my invitation to the 'memoreall'. All of the essential information seems to be there.

The door opens as I finish reading the 12 words.

"Did you read it?"

"I did. I would be love to come to your memorial."

By now it's bedtime for Gabby. I settle in with my book. The house is quiet. Ahhhhhhhhhh.

I decide to turn in for the night as does my daughter.

Lights out. My door opens.

"Mom, something's wrong with the dog."

Out of bed and into her room. Puddles looks up at me.

"Let him come into my room."

He won't come with me but runs to the stairs.

"He needs to go out."

"He just went out. Okay, I'll take him out again."

Puddles goes out and does his biz then comes in, hops up on my bed and looks at me.

"What now?" I ask him.

He again runs to the stairs. I take him down. He needs water. Water given. Water drank. Up we go again.

I settle him in with Stacey and return to my soft pillow. My phone rings after about five minutes. It's my daughter in the room next door.

"Mom, I have ants in my room."

Ah, the life of a grandma living with her family.

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