Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Traveling with Kids?

This piece was published a few years ago. We all have memories from our past about traveling with our parents, and we all have those butterflies when faced with a trip with our grandchildren. The article is entirely too long to include, but here is a portion. I hope you enjoy it.

Traveling With Kids? Good for You (from a mother and grandmother who has been there and back)

Traveling with kids? Nervous? Don't be. With a little investment in time and planning, this can be a wonderful opportunity for building relationships and making memories from beginning to end. I know. I've been there and back.

Sundays in my youth were considered a day of rest. Rest that consisted of riding in the car for miles. This
was the one day that our parents spent with their daughters in the close confines of the old Packard going off on a Sunday drive. Dad loaded his three daughters into the backseat, his wife into the front and off we would go. Thus began my first-hand prospective, from a child's point of view, on the ins and outs of traveling. 

Every one of our vacations began and ended in the car. We couldn't afford to go by train, and airplane travel wasn't even on the list of options. Cursed as I was with Mother's bend toward motion sickness, I viewed the car as a weapon of my imminent demise. Yet I don't remember being bored or dreading those trips. Dad talked about the crops and wildlife as we drove along, or he and mom would relate stories from the past. A history lesson in the car. Eventually, Dad would 
break into a song with his beautiful tenor voice. Mom joined in with her brassy alto. Peg took over with her lovely soprano. June usually mumbled along with Mom when she wasn't tormenting me. Me? I sang with a small child's soprano harmony. What precious memories we captured in sound, scenery and companionship. All in the confines of a car.

My own trials started as a mother crossing the states three times with her children at various ages. Stacey was six and James three when we moved across the United States from Wisconsin to Oregon. Later with kids ages eight and ten, we made the trip from Oregon to Ohio via the northern route. Finally, the teenagers and I drove a southern route to Ohio.

Now I am a grandmother traveling with my granddaughters. Even an old hand at this traveling business, I'm learning more all the time. We fly when going on long trips instead of piling into the car. Benefit: faster travel. Drawback: missed opportunities. 

Time with our families goes by quickly. Don't be nervous. Go pack your bags. We're going on a trip. Let's make it a memorable one.

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  1. Oh, I love to fly! But with the high cost of airfare, I'm rediscovering the joys of road trips. My most important tip: If you are doing the no-reservations drive-till-you-get tired method, don't actually wait until you are tired before you start looking for a place to stop for the night.