Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Toy Wall

The house was never without toys. Generations of children knew where to find them and headed for them the minute they walked into the house. I didn't pay much attention to the thrill of finding the toys because the toys were always there.

As I grew up my old room became the nursery as well as the spare bedroom. When we returned for visits, we slept in the room along with stuffed toys, children's books and dolls. The house wasn't necessarily kid proof, but it was kid friendly. Mom loved children and made her house a place of childhood delight.

A favorite part of the house during my growing up and that of my children and grand nieces and nephews was the basement. Toys from generations sat against the back wall of the old stone room. Even those who were long gone from the house, knew that they could find toys from their childhood. As an adult I would often peruse the toys looking for a bit of my past. For my children, it was a piece of history.

Many of the toys from that wall now reside in Oregon. They were always out an available for my grandchildren. They, too, would come into the house and head for their favorite toys. A few old favorites sat in my bedroom. The girls loved the old toys and promised that they would love them forever. We shared stories and shared my past on the farm. Old dolls that once laid in an old baby bed now played with little girls in a house a century newer.

I always promised myself that I would have my own toy wall, a place of history, a place that everything was still a toy to be played with. I knew how important it was for my grandchildren to feel at home. I wanted that same space of imagination to wrap around them. Perhaps somewhere inside of me, I wanted those old toys to continue to have life and to light up little faces.

The toy wall.....

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