Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Toe Tap Away

Summer vacation is tapping its toe waiting for the middle of June to arrive. Classes are winding down. Field trips, class picnics, dance recital. Tap, tap, tap. Just around the corner.....

I will be away from my family for the month of July. That leaves me about 10 weeks of enjoying my granddaughters and summer vacation. It's not cheap this entertainment of children, that is, unless you have granddaughters who enjoy the simple things in life.

"Grams, can we have piano lessons this summer?" Syd asked.

"Of course, we can," I reply.

The girls came up with things for us to do this summer. We will paint, we will take long walks, cookies will be baked and dogs will be spoiled. We will play the piano and dance around the room. Summer offers opportunities, and we will not miss a one.

With me going to Ohio for a month this summer, my days with the girls will be cut short. Getting away sounds great, but I will miss my girls. Summer goes by quickly. So does childhood. I hate missing a single moment. Knowing this, I will plan some special surprises for them to open while I'm gone. I plan to send postcards and make phone calls. Hopefully, we can Skype and spend some time talking.

Summer vacations should be embraced. What wonderful adventures can happen even if children spend a great deal of time in child care while parents work. We grandparents can make memories and spend quality time. Special vacation time can be set aside just for this time of the year. Inviting grandkids to visit. We are so blessed to have the opportunities.

I'm counting the days until the girls are home all day. I'm excited to see what the summer will bring. I salute you, parents and grandparents, who embrace this time with the kids. Memories are there for the making. Just in case you are a little nervous about it. Here are some ideas:

Trip to the zoo, local aviary, pet store, aquarium

Hikes to local landmarks as well as to the different stores at malls and downtown. My fav is the garden center.

Sightseeing local attractions. Give everyone a camera and turn them lose. Treasures will be shared at the end of the day.

Picnics in the park, back yard, tree house and any other place that offers adventure.

Cook a meal for Mom and Dad, make cookies for a friend, have a tea party.

Make a summer album filled with ticket stubs, pictures, and other memorabilia.

Take in summer concerts. Let the kids pack the picnic. Take games and flashlights.

Visit the Audubon Society, local library, historical museum, art museum.

Learn something new together.

Summer. Just a toe tap away.

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