Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Spark in Her Eyes

A spark. Just a little spark, but still a spark of interest.

"Grammy, can I see?" Sydney asked looking over my shoulder at the picture in my hand.

Every day I try to write my blogs. My Neff Road blog is much different from this blog. I go back to my roots daily embracing the good and even sometimes the bad. The blog began as a history for my family. Remarkably, it has turned into a piece of history for more than this Loxley girl.

Up until now the my granddaughters have been uninterested. But for the first time, Sydney, age 12, asks to see the picture. Something has changed, and she wants to know about my parents, about living on a farm. She finds it interesting that I grew up where chickens, sheep, cows and a horse roamed the barnyard. In an instant, I see a spark, a spark of interest.

The life I lead was so far removed from what my grandchildren experience. My children remember the farm and my parents, but rarely talk about it. I miss my sisters, those who remember and share those precious years. I want to talk to my granddaughters about my wonderful childhood and am waiting for the time when they ask. In their time, not mine.

"Grammy, I wish I knew your mommy," Gabby said.

"She saw me," Sydney brags.

Oh, my girls, I wish your great grandma had known you. How proud she would be. Perhaps your curiosity will one day take you closer to her. Perhaps my memories will take you to Neff Road.

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