Thursday, May 5, 2011

In Memory of Kane

Today in Clark County, Washington, a memorial will take place for a dog. Not just any dog.

On April 11th a K9 unit was in pursuit of two men who had fled from a stolen car. Kane, the canine part of the team, was stabbed and killed.

Kane was going to retire next year. He had served the police force for six years. The beautiful black German Shepard had been one who served and protected. Now canine units from all over the Northwest will be paying honor to this brave dog who was killed doing his job.

Many years ago we had a very ill dog. In fact, she was dying. We spent many hours with her at the vet's office as he tried everything to save her. She was lying on the table when a big, gorgeous German Shepard was brought in. If I remember correctly, her name was Suzanne. She, too, was a police dog. Her owner, her partner stood by her as I'm sure the dog had stood by the officer many times. Now the dog was breathing her last breaths. We stood by our dogs guardians over those who guarded us. We grieved losing our dear friends. In those few moments with our dying dogs, my daughter decided to be a Vet Tech.

A couple of weeks ago, I was walking my son's now fifty pound Airedale puppy, Millie. She is handful, full of mischief and energy. I had taken her out for her hourly walk. The ground was soaked with Oregon rain. We were running up the small rise at the side of the house when I slipped in the mud and went down on all fours, letting go of the leash. Without hesitation, Millie ran back to me. She licked my face and stood close to me walking around my head waiting for me to get back up. I stood up covered with mud. Millie stayed by my side. I saw in this dog a protector of my family. A future protector of a small child. Millie would give her life for any of our family.

Today I pay homage to those dogs who protect and serve. I pay homage to those who know their family and will protect them at risk to their own lives.

Thank you, canine friends. Thank you.

In memory of Kane.

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