Wednesday, May 11, 2011

In the Attic

The children went to the attic. Trunks, toys, boxes and treasures filled the room. The girls and I were watching the movie Jumanji.

"I wish we had an attic like that," Sydney said.

I agreed. I always wanted an attic that held treasures. As a child, I lived for dress-up and make believe. I was one of those kids who snooped. An attic would have been paradise.

"Grammy, guess what I found in a box!" Gabby yelled from upstairs. Like Grandma, like granddaughter. Bit by bit the found treasures were shared.

Perhaps this is why I love auctions and estate sales. Even garage sale tickle my interest. Perhaps I should have been and explorer. I know I should have been an archeologist. Always looking for a treasure. Always knowing that whatever I find will be be cherished in my home.

So when I wrote my blog yesterday, little did I know that I would discover a even better treasure. I sat looking at the pile of children's books next to me and thought I might see if I could find more information on them. The book I have in French would be much more interesting if I had a copy of the English translation.

I scanned the sites for the book and began to notice a pattern. A dollar pattern. My book of wonderful illustrations, the book I thought perhaps my son and daughter-in-law might want to take apart to frame some pictures is worth around $200 depending on condition. Well, my day was made.

"So how are you going to sell it?" my friend asked.

Sell it? Sure the money would be nice, but sell it? Give up my delightful book with wonderful pictures? I don't think so. I buy these books because I love them. I delight in looking at the artistry of the books over and over again perhaps encouraging my own creativity. Part with my book?

Well, no matter what the opinion on whether or not I should sell the book, my treasure hunting has just become a bit more attractive.

I guess we don't need the attic to take us to new places and encourage imagination. Sometimes a treasure is found that would have maybe resided in such an attic taking me back in time when I was once a child.

$200. Hm.

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