Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bloomin' Weather

What if you had a Rose Festival and no roses came?

Portland has the second largest floral parade in the US. Summer festivities come alive the beginning of June. The City Festival on the waterfront just ended. The Rose Gardens are in full bloom. No, wait. They are not in bloom. Oh, wait, the festival was a muddy event.

It was announced on the news last week that scientist predict that by the end of this century the weather in Chicago will be more like that of Baton Rouge. City planners are now planting trees suitable for that climate. Swamp white oak, sweet gum and bald cypress trees. Change is here.

We have had record setting rainfall. I remember when Dad wouldn't mow because the grass was too wet. Not so here. We have liquid sunshine this year. It is happening everywhere. There is no normal any more. The roses refuse to come out unless we provide sunshine. The cooler nights have the plants confused.

Climate changes, storms become more violent, glaciers melt, new climates are passed out by nature. Can we change along with it?

I seem to be more isolated with my book. Typing, editing, adding, deleting. A day goes by quickly. For my granddaughters, the changes are not so easy. They get cabin fever on sunny days let alone on these eons of grey days. Last week we pulled out the paints. The kitchen and dining room became an art studio. The hours passed quickly. This session was a study in color, blending, testing, creating. How creative can we be in the coming days?

Beneath the boredom lies something more. I know it is there by the occasional questions the girls ask. I know by the way they take in the news on TV. I know because I worry about their future. What is happening to our earth? How can I give them a sense of well-being?

I will not let our changing world stop mine. I will not avoid talking about the weather or turn off the news to isolate the children and their questions. We're in this together. Might as well work together. So we talk.

"Grammy, will the world end soon?" my granddaughter asked.

"Honey, it has been predicted my entire life time, and I'm still here," I answered. "Who knows when or if it will end. Worrying won't stop us. We will make the best of each day."

The wind blows. Storms are predicted. Gabby is afraid.

"I love storms," I said.

"Me, too," piped in Sydney. "Remember when Mom told us that God is bowling?"

Good for her. 

We only have today. We cannot make the roses come out for their big day. We cannot pack up and move to another place because who knows what the weather will be there someday. We only have today. So let's make the best of it.

The Rose Parade takes place this weekend. I hope the roses come out to play.


  1. Don't come to NC. Record heat is predicted all week! Way too early to be running the AC nonstop.

  2. Wish I could send some rain your way and I could have some of your sunshine. I'm always ready willing to share:)