Thursday, May 12, 2011

'Aha' Moments

I walked out the front door to see if the house number was correct. Could I still be in the same house? Yep, I live here.

Sometimes we turn a corner and don't realize we have until a priceless 'aha' moment. I love that feeling. I think it begins when your toddler finally doesn't say 'no' to everything. Maybe it happens when we accept our age? Maybe we are surrounded by those moments and don't notice until the 'aha' hits home.

My life has been a trail of those moments. Moments when a sadness turned into warm memories. When my children phoned me as much as I phoned them. There are so many of those moments.

Grandparents do a lot of holding back unsolicited comments. We try hard not to step on toes when handling the grandkids. We try to allow our children to live their lives without interference. At least we should try to do those things. Living with adult children and their families is not easy. The lines of demarcation are tripped over, stumbled across and in the way most of the time. Finding middle ground is difficult. Sometimes it is found but seems to come and go at will.

Last night I had an 'aha' moment. I felt a bond that was lost with my daughter starting to form once more. I'm not sure how it is happening, but it feels good. Stress seems less evident and the core of our home is much warmer.

We should embrace those 'aha' moments. They are landmarks in the evolution of relationships. They are our growing up no matter what our age.

Life is an 'aha' moment.

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  1. I'm happy for you and for your daughter. Relationships with adult children are difficult, especially when you are sharing a home, but a close relationship with some conflicts is immensely preferable, in my book, to a serene but distant one.