Friday, April 22, 2011

Sniff and Wash

"Do you think maybe we should wash that jacket," I ask my granddaughter.

"I don't have another one," she replies.

I can't remember the last time the jacket was washed. With the girls going back and forth between their Mom and Dad, I can't keep track of what needs to be done. So, I do the sniff test. Her jacket smells like her, the school, the playground and the dog.

"Okay, you can wear it tomorrow, but then I need to wash it," I inform her.

The jacket is from Justice, the young girls place of divine clothing. I found the jacket on Marshall's sale rack. Still, the name of the company is written across the front of the jacket. Good marketing, I guess. A banner of pride for Gabby.

I find it remarkable that kids are aware of labels at such a young age. In fact, it's a little frightening. It's a little costly and silly as far as I'm concerned.

We try to teach the kids to shop wisely. Hand-me-downs are  treasures. Bargains are delightful surprises. Gabby can wear a name brand sweater and no one be the wiser. (Well, all of you know now.) We try to teach them that they need to decide what they want for the money we have to spend.

One of the neatest things to come out of this attire awareness is the relationship between older sister and younger sister. Sydney is generous with praise for her sister's choices. They share time talking over pluses and minuses. Sister bonding over clothes.

I am trying to teach the girls that what they are on the inside is much more important than what they wear. With a strong sense of self, all clothes look great!

I think I'll get that jacket washed this weekend. Might even throw in Syd's dance clothes. Can't remember the last time I saw them in the laundry.

Sniff and wash.

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  1. It had been years since I've had to smell laundry to find out when it needs washing. What's worse is having to pat the bed in the dark to see if someone has wet it.