Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Shall Don a Hat

I need a hat. A wedding is going to take place in England. I need a hat.

In 2006, I went to England with a friend. More precisely, we went to Nottingham. With all of the hoopla going on about the royal wedding, it brings into focus a heritage that belongs to my family. The British roots.

Never having left this continent, a trip across the ocean was a lesson. The first part of the lesson came at Heathrow Airport. As soon as we deplaned, I notice the armed patrol. Service men carrying machine guns walked the terminal. Not long before, there had been a bomb threat at the airport. Obviously, they were taking no chances.

My second observation was noting that I was definitely a minority. I had never been in an airport where so many other countries were represented. And, I felt alone. The friendliness that I knew in the states was not welcoming me in this place. I knew no one and couldn't even understand some of the heavy English spoken here. It was a new feeling. One I didn't like.

Our week in his home country was a growing up time for me. I learned a great deal about myself. I learned a great deal about our world. I even learned a few things about the roots that ran from Nottingham to Oregon. I absorbed every place and every moment.

When I was growing up, my parents wished for me a good education and a good marriage. I would echo my mother's life with a good husband, children and a lovely home. For my children, I tried encouraged them to find their own lives, however that was to be interpreted. Since then, I've changed my tune even more. For my grandchildren, I want them to experience this world they live in, expanding their minds. I want them to find their place in the world by what they learn from these experiences. I'm not sure we can find where our lives will lead unless we experience the world we live in.

A royal wedding. Many are just ready to get it done and to move on. The pomp that was in 1947 will move into a new era. The past ways of the royals will be updated by a new generation. My ancestors were Brits. The Loxley's roamed the forests and sailed the ocean to land here and begin a new life.

I shall don a hat and watch the taped wedding. I shall enjoy a moment away from my life looking into the life of the royals. I shall be on the other side of the ocean looking at the land of my roots. My ancestors would marvel that such a thing could happen. Perhaps I will marvel as well.

Oh, which hat shall I wear??????

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  1. Love the sign! In America, I've seen signs advertising wheels and tires for rent. What's that all about? I'd rather rent a hat.