Monday, April 4, 2011

Frame Up

"Do you think you have enough pictures?" a friend asked when she came to my home.

Enough! How many are enough?!?!

Many years ago I heard someone say that you should have pictures of your family on your desk at work reminding you of why you are working. It made sense. When I looked up at pictures of my children and grandchildren, it not only reminded me of why I needed to keep that lousy job but always managed to make me smile making the day better. Those pictures pulled me through a very difficult time.

I don't carry a fat, photo wallet. I have pictures of my grandnephews and my grandchildren in my purse. I carry them to remind me to drive carefully, to be smart. Rarely do I take them out to show off my family. No, they are there as reminders of the children I love and who love me in return.

Yes, my home is full of pictures. My children know that these photos are important to me. I have pictures of happy memories, of my children and grandchildren at various ages, of weddings.

Maybe these pictures are a little more important since I live so far away from my birth home. My pictures hold these people close to me every day. I can look at them and am back on the farm once more. My sisters for a moment are not in other states. No, they were as close at the photo on the piano.

I have a few pictures that have been with me on my life journey. One is a black and white of my sisters and I on a cold winter day in Ohio. I was just a little kid of about five. The old house is in the background. Marilyn, Merrill and Geneva, the neighbors, are also in the picture. Marilyn is gone now but remembered a framed photograph. I have pictures of my entire family when my father passed away. A rare moment in time when we were all together. A picture of my best friend and I in dress up clothes brings back wonderful memories. One of my mother winking at the camera is a prize beyond words. She winks at me every morning when I go to the kitchen.

"Grammy, you don't have a picture of me in your bedroom," Gabby informed me. She looks at the pictures often.

"Honey, as soon as I find the box of pictures, I will get one of you and Sydney for my room," I said.

"Can I have this picture?" she asked holding a picture of her with her mom.

"Of course, you can."

"I'm going to put it in my bedroom."

I have a wonderful large picture of my daughter when she was in high school. We didn't realize that she had written her homework assignment on the palm of her hand. Her hand posed beneath her chin tells a story that has delighted us over the years.

Pictures. They tell a story of our lives. They tell those around us that we care. They take the precious moments in our lives and allow them to visit us again and again. Pictures. They show more than just a moment in time.

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  1. You should get some of those computer chip frames that do slideshows and change all the time, Pam. That way you can get even more bang for your wallspace. You can set them to change as slowly as you like, even once a day.