Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Don't Tell

"You wanna know what we were going to do?" Gabby asks her mom who was having a birthday.

"Gabby, let's just let it go for now," I quickly say trying to turn her away from the subject.

The girls wanted to give their mother a surprise party this year. It was going to be their present to her. Since next year will be her fortieth, I suggested we wait a year and have a real blow out for their mom then. Yesterday we had a wonderful evening with Mommy. Decorations filled the room. She got flowers at work. The girls had presents for her that their dad took them to buy. It was a good time. Next year would be the big surprise party.

Gabby can't keep a secret for anything. She gets so wrapped up in the excitement of the secret that sooner or later it is exposed. There is no safety zone with this girl.

I wonder who told the first secret? My guess it was the first cave women talking about her husband once he left the cave with his club in hand, off to clobber some beast for the evening meal. Secrets. We have all had them and all have told them.

I stood with my granddaughter while two of her friends stood to the side whispering. My stomach clinched. I knew what it was to have friends talk about you behind your back. I knew what it was to have people whisper when my marriage was threatened. I knew about whispers. The hurtful secrets. Gabby didn't notice.

Gabby is innocent where secrets are concerned. She experiences them as something so exciting that they beg to be told. She is bubbling with excitement even on a calm day. A secret just feeds the fire. She wanted her mom to know that they had planned to do something really special for her this year. The secret screamed to pop out.

And after Gabby almost let the secret out of the bag, her sister scolded.....

"Gabby!!! Don't spoil the surprise for next year!"



  1. I've had this experience with my granddaughters, especially when they are in the 4 to 7 age range. I wonder why girls have a harder time keeping secrets than boys? Or is that just my perception?

  2. Susan, I have no idea, but I do know that I have seldom seen men or boys off whispering in each others ear.