Friday, March 25, 2011

So Nice to See You

"It's been a long time," the standard comment. "Let's get together soon."

"Let's do......."

We don't. We've all done it. We met up with an old friend or acquaintance, hug or shake hands, smile and laugh at the chance meeting. In a matter of seconds, we catch up on children, moves, jobs, etc. Shortened versions lasting all of about 3 minutes.

"We should get together when we have more time to talk."

Well, yes, we should, but we don't. I'm terrible at this; however, the other person never calls either. I have found phone numbers scribbled on a receipt or a piece of paper with no names attached. Whose number is it? I certainly don't remember. I keep the number on the kitchen counter for a few days then pitch it or toss it into the desk. Then at some odd time, the name comes back to me. Darn! Why don't I remember to write the name to begin with?!?!

My question is: Do I really want to talk to these people again? It seems like once in awhile when those random meetings occur we talk awhile then run out of things to say. Or do I just zone out thinking, "I never did know this person all that well." Still we exchange numbers and never call.

We lose touch with people. Our children grow up and friends change, school parents move on with their kids and neighbors change with each move. We join organizations and leave them again. We add people. We subtract people. Changes over our lives change those who go along with us.

Still I would not change those chance meetings. They bring to mind once good friends, wonderful memories and days long gone. I find these people in my thoughts more often. We add. We subtract. We change. But that thread that binds us all together continues. And a chance meeting takes us back again.

"So nice to see you again......"


  1. When I have one of these encounters, I am so absorbed in the process of recognition and remembering, as well as processing how my friend looks, that I never remember much of what is said. Later I'll tell my husband, "She's living in Memphis. . . or maybe Nashville. . . and she's remarried . . . or maybe just in a new relationship . . ." LOL! That's why I love Facebook! I can process the new information at my leisure and (maybe) remember more of it!

  2. Oh, Susan, you made me chuckle. How I can relate. I was at my 20th class reunion. I was walking to my car with my daughter when a former classmate walked up to us. I was trying to make introductions and gave him the wrong name. He was a little miffed at me. Not hard to understand since we had only 48 kids in our class.

    I agree. Facebook gives me time to process. I will be seeing many old friends this summer. I will brush up on the faces before I go.

  3. I am smiling here also, Pam. You really explained how this is and try this... I have looked and asked and googled a friend from high school for many years (won't say how many...LOL) and 3 days ago I received an email from an acquaintance who'd found my missing friend. She gave me her phone number and I have been hesitant to call. Why didn't she look for me, I wonder? Am I too shy to call after all these years? Your posting certainly made my mind chatter disappear. I will call her today and YES! let's get together when I'm in town next. How about April? xoxox P

  4. So nice to hear from you Patricia. Thanks for sharing. Boy, do I know those feelings. So easy to go there and not pick up the phone. Facebook has given back to me many old friends. A very dear friend surfaced via one of those old friends a couple of weeks ago. I had only and email address. I wrote and have not heard back. Sometimes the effort meets with a sadness, but that will not stop me from trying again.

    Yes, April.