Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Picture of her Sister

"Grammy, I need help with my homework," Gabby informed me.

Don't let it be math. Don't let it be math. Sure she is a third grader, but I do not understand her math. Argh!!!!

"Can you cut for me?"

Things are looking up.

"I need to paste pictures on a bag."

Ah, I can do this. Gabby hands the list of instructions to me. 

Paper bag:

Side 1: Things liked/disliked.
Side 2: Words that describe you.
Side 3: Things you like to do.
Side 4: Words that describe things you can do.
Inside: Three things you care about.

Easy? Yes.....if you have magazines, if you take a paper, if you are a hoarder and have a lot of media available. We are none of the above. Luckily, we had just received the local Food Day with ads. Usually, I hate this waste of paper tossed into our driveway weekly, but yesterday it was a God send.

Quickly, the paper was chopped into a variety of pieces. The paper had been stripped and still we didn't have enough to cover the bag. I started through the pantry trying to find words. I rummaged through the garage. We definitely had a word shortage. I clipped phrases from grocery sacks, candy bags, the comics. 

Gabby was well into the things she liked by the time I got on board. Dogs, flowers, money (?), berries, Christmas, asparagus,  chocolate, boots and jewelry. Yep, no surprises there. Words to describe: Love, scrumptious, take it or leave it, smart, extra extra special, fashionable, free, good, warm welcomes. Oh, yes, they were all Gabby.

This project was telling me a good bit about this granddaughter of mine and her opinion of herself. She was not proud, but sincere. She did not clip pictures of toys and material things. Her love of animals and nature was obvious.

Things she likes to do: Concerts, theatre, train the dog and piano music. Again, all about Gabby.

It's nice to know what goes on inside of a child's head. Many of the things Gabby chose stood out as things she cared about. The biggest of those was nature.

"Can I clip this one?" I asked.

"It's a rabbit."

"I know, but, Honey, you are the Energizer Bunny."

"Grammy, do you have a picture of Sydney I can have?"

Why did she want a picture of her sister for the bag? Then she told me she was gathering her three things to put into the bag. One was a dog toy. Two was the dog's picture. Three was a picture of her sister.

Homework. A time of learning for a girl and her grandma.


  1. Exercises like this one really can be revealing. Gabby sounds like a genuine A+ girl!

  2. Yes, Susan, she certainly is A with a few +'s.