Thursday, March 10, 2011

A New Lease on Life

A new lease on life. The other name for 'a good night's sleep'.

Two nights this week, I laid awake with nigglings of bits and pieces of my life, that of my children, my grandchildren and just words vying for a place to live. Then I had a 12-hour night. This late night reader found herself asleep by 9:30. Sleep. Sometimes it just avoids me regardless of my extent of exhaustion, the warm glass of milk or a pill that is supposed to make me slumber like a baby. Sleep.

I know I'm not alone in this quest for quality shut-eye. Many of my friends tell me that the older they get, the more illusive the sleep. For me, my entire life was plagued by sleep deprivation. In those of us in the next 50 years of our lives, we get cranky. Nothing worse than a cranky adult. Small things are big. Insignificant things are irritating. Children are noisy and in need of attention we just don't want to give.

I remember elderly visitors falling asleep during adult conversation when I was a child. The head would bob jerking up occasionally then falling once more to the chest. Occasionally, a little snore would escape the lips of the nodding senior. I'd giggle. My mother would stop it with one look....that look that can kill.

When my grandchildren (and my children) are missing some z's, confrontation sits on that chip on the shoulder just waiting to for me to make a baaaaad move. If I haven't had my sleep, the battlefield is ready and waiting for the first move from the opposing side. Sleep.

When I'm tired, I think that I should never be rested again. My body sags. My mind wants to find a dark place in which to shut down. My resistance to irritants is gone. I just want to lie down and wait for sleep to take me away.

Sleep. We need it. Our families need it. Our world leaders need it. Sleep. A new lease on life.


  1. I heard that the man who invented warm milk also invented the word 'ycch'. :0)

  2. Jake, you just don't appreciate a good thing.

  3. Karen Sue, there are always those members of the family who can sleep any place. Granddaughter is not like Grams.

  4. We can't sleep when we want to, and then when we're supposed to be awake and alert, we can't keep our eyes open. Getting older can certainly be a trial where sleep is concerned!