Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Life Comes at You Fast.

STOP!!!! Stop the clocks! Don't look at your calendars!!! Oh....don't look in the mirror!!!! STOP!

Whew. Had a moment there. Once more time has caught up with me. On Friday, my granddaughter turns twelve. Twelve. Next year she will be a teenager. Where in the world did the time go? 

Seems like yesterday that my daughter said the words, "We have a surprise for you." When she said the words, "I'm going to have a baby." I was stunned. Not that she was going to have a baby but that I was going to be called 'grandma'.

Then little Sydney was born. The name fit well. The name "Grandma". I grew to love my new name. I immediately fell in love with a baby girl. Over the years, I have delighted in being the grandmother of a sweet girl who jut gets lovelier with time. But babies grow, and time seems to be racing to the finish. My first grandchild is growing up.

Was it so long ago that I was a teenager? I still feel the same in this skin of mine. Of course, the skin has changed over the years and what's inside aches a little more with that passing of time. But those feelings of being young never go away. I remember thinking that my parents didn't understand what it was to be a teen. They didn't tell me that they, in truth, remembered it well. No one told me that I would embrace those memories of a younger me more and more as I age. Was it really so long ago?

I gave up having panic attacks when I reached a new decade. Twenty came with great gusto and excitement. Thirty was busy with babies. Forty settled in with new adventures. Kids were leaving and I was finding a new life. Fifty arrived with a bit of a start. Yet along with the age came a new peace I'd never known. Sixty was inevitable because it follows fifty-nine. Might as well go with the flow. But somehow I didn't expect the same aging speed with my children and grandchildren.

Twelve. About as preteen as you can get. The thirty-nine before the forty. Argh! Speaking of thirty-nine, my daughter will be thirty-nine this year! 

Pull out the candles, light up the cake! On Friday Sydney turns twelve. Turn around and she will be twenty.

Life comes at you fast.


  1. I don't envy a house with a teenage girl. Been there. Our oldest grandson is 12 too. A handful is an understatement. Congrats.

  2. My "grandbaby" is in college! Life does come at you fast.