Friday, March 18, 2011

Hot Pink Shoes With Velvet Bows

She walked through the door. "Who is this girl?" I asked. A gorgeous girl dressed like a teen model. Wow, when did she grow up?"

When I was about her age, I remember going places with my parents, meeting up with friends or family. It was the same every time. "So this is the baby," they would say. Or, I would be introduced as the 'baby' of the family. "My how you have grown." I hated it. I was a teen and supposed to.

Sydney saw a pair of funky plastic shoes with big velvet bows on the toes at the end of the summer season. They were so goofy and yet beautiful on her young feet. $10! Not bad.

"Can we get them?" she asked.

I explained that it was the end of the summer season. Her feet would grow by the next summer. Disappointment. But the shoes were never forgotten.

Her birthday was coming and I had yet to decide what I would get my twelve year old granddaughter. I found a darling pair of Donna Karin capris and a fantastic shirt. One more stop, and I had the perfect gift. Spring shoes were beginning to hit the shelves.  Returning two seasons later, I found the same hot pink shoes on the sale rack. Her gift was ready, all for $24.

When Sydney opened the shoes and pulled them out, my family looked at me wondering if I had indeed had no taste in clothing. Not so for the birthday girl. She laughed and immediately put them on showing everyone her new plastic shoes. They just didn't get it. Sydney had a style of her own.

Yesterday she walked into the house, new shirt and new shoes with her skinny jeans. Suddenly I was catapulted back to when I noticed that my own children had grown up right before my eyes, yet it took a special moment for me to realize that passing of time.

They grow up quickly. We watch but fail to realize the impact of that one moment until we experience it. The time of stepping into herself and away from the nest has become a little more evident. I am in awe of her beauty and poise. I saw the woman she would be.

I guess I'm still the baby. An old baby at that. We move into our lives not realizing that we leave behind a space that cannot be filled by anyone else.

Hot pink shoes with velvet bows stepping into tomorrow.


  1. It's times like that they really do look forward and not back.

  2. I have two granddaughters just on the cusp of womanhood. How did that happen? They have definitely developed their own sense of style, and it is highly individualistic, but it works. I guess letting them put together their own outfits as toddlers and preschoolers pays off!

  3. I like the symbolism of the hot pink shoes in this piece. They represent, in a graphic image, a common link between generations--yours and your granddaughter's.

    Since I have recently begun a grandparent blog, I have been reading some blogs by other grandparents. I really like this one.

    My blog is at if you care to take a look.

  4. Googie, glad to have you among the grandparent bloggers. I write for myself but am glad to have others join my journey since no one is on the journey alone.

    Best of times in your writing.