Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Being Not Normal

"No, Grammy, we are not normal!" Sydney said.

"Noooo, Grammy, we aren't a normal family," Gabby added.

Gabby and I had a day all to ourselves while Sydney was off celebrating her birthday on Sunday. It was like old times. We giggled, acted silly and found a place we'd lost several months ago when households combined.

"I miss having time alone with you," I said to her.

"We don't see Mommy enough so we spend time with her," she replied.

"Well, I miss the mornings when we all snuggled on the sofa all warm and cuddly."

"And the way we danced around the living room and tickling matches."

"Yes, Gabby, I miss that, too."

Our relationships have changed. I miss that one on one time away from 'our' house. I miss my old house and the memories and routines we left there. The girls have changed. Our relationship has changed. Having a day with Gabby and finding a glimpse of those days is a gift.

Mom is working late. The girls and I sit at the table eating when the rhyming begins. We love to rhyme. It kills time in the car and has been fun at bath time. Minds work quickly and rhymes move faster.

"Grammy's rhymes make sense, Gabby," Syd explained. I guess I set the bar high.

Before long giggles begin.

"Grams, let's pretend we are normal," Sydney said.

Normal? We aren't normal?

"Sure. Are you sure we aren't normal?" I asked.

"Ooooooh, noooooo, Grammy," Gabby adds. "We are definitely not normal."

"Well, maybe we should be normal."

"That wouldn't be fun," Sydney chimes in.

"So why aren't we normal?" I ask thinking that maybe I have created monsters.

The girls went on to tell me how boring other homes are at dinner time. We laugh and have fun. I didn't tell them, but they also eat better.

"Okay, let's be normal." I began with a British accent.

I think I like not being normal. My grandchildren have wonderful manners. Any restaurant would be delighted with their behavior. I love that my granddaughters can pick up a conversation and make it absolutely delightful. Yes, we are a bit unconventional. It's a Grammy's privilege.

"Grammy, what rhymes with orange?" Hm. That's a tough one.

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  1. My grandkids and I like to play the Dictionary game. It really makes time pass on a car ride, and it also hones their ability to recognize and use rhymes, as well as calling on logical thinking. It's one of my Brain Teasers and Mind Games. Check it out. The directions sound kind of difficult, but once you start playing it, it's super easy. I think you'll love it!