Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Every Day

My daughter's post on Facebook this morning: From the words of my 11 year old.....why do we have a special day about love? Shouldn't we love every day?

Wise words. Very wise words. Why do we? Most people would probably say that it is a marketing ploy. A way for those who sell cards, candy, flowers, jewelry, whatever, to make their financial quota for the first half of the year. I can't disagree with that since it is a time that, obviously, love is exploited. Restaurants have special deals for lovers as well as hotels for a night to remember.

Hm. I'm trying to recall a Valentine's Day that stands out in my mind. Only one surfaces. It was back in the early 80's. Our family decided to spend a weekend at the beach. Typical of Oregon, we had rain, but I came prepared. Valentine's Day was the next week. The kids needed decorated boxes with that all important slot in the top. With glue, colored paper and markers in hand, we created incredible boxes. The lion had a tail that even swiveled on a fat pipe cleaner. A labor of love. Family time to remember.

I have an old photo album full of Valentine's I received over the years. As a child, I remember poring over them, looking for special words from a special boy. Checking to see if the teacher sent a card to me. Discovering who sent the most beautiful card to me. Kids. They love the stack they receive and count every one.

In the days when my parents were growing up, no one considered what might be proper and what might not. There were thoughts that probably left the recipient wondering.

Then there were those that promoting violence to get not only one's attention, but to shot them down in the process.(I love that the girl is running the fort.)

Personally, I like the little one who talks to dogs claiming that just because Rags can't send a Valentine, doesn't mean he isn't loved.

Maybe Valentine's Day is for most of us a special day to declare a love that we do give every day. Maybe it is for those of us who chose not to make it about candy and gifts, a day to tell our families, our friends what they mean to us. Hallmark might have the right wording, but our hearts have wording of their own.

So for today, I will take that plunge into the day of hearts and tell you, my reader, how much you mean to me. Your comments, your daily stops by A Grandparent's Voice, those of you who encourage me to stretch and write for more venues, the daily trials and errors we share through this source of contact, mean the world to me. It is nice to know we are not alone in this parenting, grandparenting, family love. It is nice to know that others care about our earth.

I love what Sydney asked her mother this morning. And, with a voice reverberating around in the world through this blog, I answer her with this: Sydney, we should love every day giving love to the earth, to those we don't know, to those struggling to survive, to those who touch our lives daily. We should learn to love better by learning from our mistakes, by gaining more knowledge, by keeping abreast of the happenings in around our world. We should love every day in the actions we show to one another.

Oh, Sydney, I have learned much about love in this 63 year journey. I have learned by the most difficult means of loss. I have learned by the beauty of birth. Most of all, I have learned from the love you give so freely each and every day.

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