Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Unexpected Joy

Snow. The morning began with huge flakes journeying slowly to the earth. Whish, whish, whish. Like a small child, I ran to the window laughing. Our first snow of winter.

For months my granddaughters and I have been hoping for snow. We asked Santa. We asked God. We prayed that maybe the snow on our mountains might find its way to the lower elevations. We asked the weather man for snow. Last month he informed us that if we were to get snow, it would probably need to get here by mid-February or we would be looking at spring. Wow, February 16th, and we have snow.

The snow will be gone by noon but is predicted to return off and on for the next two days. That bit of wonder that falls from the sky will draw every eye to the window occasionally hoping for one more glimpse of a flake or two.

When we first moved to Oregon, we found that little snow fell here. Over the years the snow seems to be coming more often and sometimes heavy. It shocks those Oregonians with webbed toes. Rain is the norm, and snow the exception. True Oregonians don't really care about the weather. Rain is rarely heavy. Our landscape is green year round. But this morning, children cheered and grandma had her nose against the bedroom window.

 Wonder. Unexpected joy. Innocent thrill of rediscovering nature and her voice. Grandparents and parents can still thrill at a snowfall or at the simple pleasure of a dog chasing her tail. We can allow ourselves that child in us to delight and to express that joy. My granddaughters love it when they can share something with me knowing that I might act silly in my response or that I might just sing their praises at the top of my lungs. They know I will lay down on the ground with them to watch a bug struggling to carry a bit of leaf. They know that Grammy will not let them down in their joy, in the times of trouble and in the constant thrill of the world around us.

The snow fell silently on a none existent breeze. The earth greeted the snow with warmth and the faces turned to the windows.

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