Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Time for Lambs

'Good morning, Sunshine'. Ah, the sun. Nature's smile on us. Well, on some of us.

I feel guilty. For the last few days we have had sun beating down on us. Sweater warm and spring like air cause us to smile and puppies to romp. I feel guilty.

"Grammy, why can't we have snow?" my granddaughters ask again and again. For the second year in a row, we are having a la nina winter. The rains came as usual with mild temps and sunshine over the last couple of weeks. Snow? Maybe by the middle of the month. If it doesn't show up, winter chill is probably not going to happen.

On the trip to Ashland, this farm girl saw small lambs next to the ewes. We were at the very end of January. Lambs came in the spring. What was happening? Did spring fever hit early? Do the sheep adjust with the la nina? What is going on?

The puppy and I like to look out the window. We check out the yard to be sure no interlopers have wandered astray. I talk. She listens. Yesterday I noticed that the succulents planted last year in the yard were popping through the ground. Bulbs are up and considering whether or not it is time to bloom. What is going on?

I feel guilty that we don't have bad weather....sort of. I want snow for the girls. I want snow for me to watch from the warmth of the fire inside and soft flakes outside.

So, what is happening? Will it change again? Will the northwest become the new south? We are living in a world of changing climates, of revolution, of freak storms. Changes are happening in our world.

My friend and I in our long conversations while driving across Oregon talked about Heaven. My belief in Heaven is that we all come together for one purpose. We all join in an energy that encompasses everything, a power called God. Not everyone believes as I do and that's fine. We all have our own journeys. Perhaps the biggest journey of all is at hand.

The the lion of winter rages across the east, while in Oregon, the ewe brings forth the lamb.

Let there be sunshine in our souls and peace on earth.


  1. Where I live in Texas, we are usually enjoying mild temperatures while the rest of the country is freezing. Right now, though, we're enduring rolling blackouts and temps in the 20s. I'm out at my dad's house trying to make sure that he stays warm and dreading the nighttime. Brrr!

  2. Susan, I hope all is well. I wish I could send our weather out to those battling cold and snow. Thinking of you.

  3. I love Oregon and Washington. Enjoy it guilt free.

  4. "We all join in an energy that encompasses everything, a power called God."
    I like your description of Heaven. Aren't we supposed to work for that, here, too?

  5. Amma, I believe that there are many who have the same awareness here in the present. I always thought I had my own belief. My sister and I had a long conversation about my 'freelance' belief. She said it was something she felt was true. Later, she sent a book to me in which the author had almost quoted me. I was brought to tears.

    Over the years I have found that more and more random strangers have come to believe the same. I believe that true faith is that which find each of us from the inside out. Too many are buried under what is pounded into them from childhood on and cannot find their own voice. We all have a voice. It is that one inside of each of us that has potential to take us to true peace with ourselves and others.

    Well, that was wordy. Thanks for writing. I love to hear from you.