Wednesday, February 9, 2011

No Words

There are no words. There are no words for feelings too deep, for feelings to rich, for feelings too painful. There are no words.

I am a woman of words. Words come easily. They flow to the written word and flow from my lips. Yet there are no words full enough of the feelings I that flow through me.

When my parents passed, words seemed empty and much to shallow for the depth of feeling that enveloped me. When my babies were placed in my arms, there were no words for the joy that filled my heart. When I lost my job, there were no words for the anger and fear I felt. So often there are no words.

Valentines Day is just around the corner. Yesterday I stood in front of the card rack looking for cards for my granddaughters. Avoiding those that cost as much as a small pizza, I searched for those that said just the right words. Cards that would make them smile or maybe make them understand the depth of my love for them. There were no words.

I have written verses for card companies. The pictures arrive, and I set to the task of writing the sentiment. The task is challenging, sometimes frustrating. Once in awhile, I look at a picture, and it touches my heart. I try to convey the feelings in less than 10 words. There are not enough. I cannot crawl into the shoes of the reader and say the words they wish to convey. I can only pull from my experience, hoping that maybe, just maybe the words will be understood. Will they speak for someone else?

Maybe that day will come when we can read the mind of one another. Maybe then the depth of feeling will be understood. Maybe then we will not need the words.

Valentines Day. Maybe a box of candy or a diamond necklace should convey the feelings, but I think that a night out, a dozen roses, whatever, should be accompanied by words from the heart. The simplicity of expression, the struggle to say the right words, the use of words by the most intimate conveyance of the spoken word. Though they may not be enough, there are words.

Words. Expressions from the heart.


  1. I love that you wrote greeting cards. That's terrific.
    Alas, most people can barely find the words to say I'm sorry let alone I love you. That's why they buy expensive gifts and trinkets, and have you express it for then in a card,
    Happy Valentines Day.

  2. Well, Jake, I'm glad I can do something that helps:) I still write for one company. The company sends out around 200 pictures to a group of writers. We all write a few words for each card. The company then decides which to use. The cards of all of nature. After about 5 pictures of twigs it gets tedious. I used to write for a company that used humor. Much easier.

    Cards have come a long way over the years. A 'get well' is now 'each day is a healing day'.

    Have a wonderful Valentines Day with your little men. Each day is memory day.