Friday, February 4, 2011

A Longer Leash

PUPPIES! ARGH! I could leave it at that, but I guess I'll try to write find something in this worth reading.

For the next nine days, I will be puppy sitting for a friend. I get to live in this lovely home with time and space to write. Then there is Finn. Finn is a darling beagle full of romp and play. My romp and play disappeared a long time ago. I'm better with 'I'll watch. You play." Finn has a leash on when in the house so if puppy is unruly all I need to do is step on the leash. The problem is that the leash is not long enough for my aging bones.

He grabbed my glasses case and took off for every piece of furniture under which a pup can scamper evading the grey-haired enemy. The leash was at least 12 inches away from my step at any given time. Finally I gave up the chase and walked to the dog bowl pounding it against the water bowl. Finn went for the bowl. I went for the abandoned case.

While taking my luggage into the bedroom, Finn managed to grab a belt and head for the door. Luckily the strap was wide and awkward for Finn's puppy mouth. I dashed for the belt praising God that I didn't need to go in for a dive before he dropped it.

My arms are chewed up from Millie. As soon as a spot heals, a little tooth manages to pierce my thin skin. This morning I stopped by to tell her I wouldn't see her for over a week. She really didn't seem to care. I'm to go to a book reading tomorrow and will indeed need to wear long sleeves so I don't look like I'm trying to shred my arm. Puppies.

I love puppies. I have had many over the years. Gradually, the bad points of having a new puppy are resurfacing from my memory of an older canine friend. Also comes the realization that I don't want another dog. I like the fact that I can leave the puppy for a time then go back to visit after I have partially healed. Nine days. Hm.

Finn just went to the door with an 'I want to go out' attitude. I opened the door, took off the leash and the dog would not go out. Hm, again. So pulling from my vast experience with dogs, I ran out on the deck stomping my feet. Finn sat inside watching. I closed the door and disappeared around the corner. Ah, I had Finn's attention. I opened the door, and an eager Finn ran out to play. Quickly, Finn ran out with great enthusiasm. As quickly and eagerly as Finn ran out the door, I ran into the house and closed the door.

I probably can't leave him out for nine days, can I?

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