Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Too Old To Change

My bag of groceries cost $25. I pay $30. The clerk gives me $5 in change.

"I'm too old to change."

Well, I've heard those words my entire life. I'm sure you have as well. Too old to change. Hm. Now you would think that if someone realizes that they have a reason to change and refuse by making excuses, that they would be able to change. Age is no excuse. Age is an opportunity.

Is it lack of caring enough about others? Is it an excuse? Is it a borrowing from another time? What is the reason so many think they are 'too old to change'?

As a child, I remember hearing those words. They never made sense to me. In fact, the words were selfish. My parents were older and set in their ways. My father seemed to get more narrow minded as he aged while my mother opened her mind to new possibilities. Too set in our ways. Too old to change. My mom was a pioneer in thinking.

That phrase doesn't work for me. It is a lame excuse. Truly we lose enthusiasm, energy, mental challenge by the determination to hold on to our comfort zone. We are the setters by example. We are the matriarchs and patriarchs of our families leading by strength and heart. Being part of a family requires sacrifice. Being part of a family requires stepping out of our comfort zones and into life.

I am getting older with more aches. I do have less energy. However, that doesn't mean I am too old to change. I am determined to head into that tunnel of my last years having lived every minute to the fullest even if it wears me out. I intend to leave a trail of memories for my family. I refuse to just be a shadow in the lives of my family. I refuse to be too old.

What I have lived is my bag of groceries. That bag is nourishing and represents years of a fruitful life. What I get back in change is what I have left...what is left to make the most of.

Don't give up on life. The rewards of new thinking and new adventures are worth their weight in change.


  1. Oh my gosh, this post is so beautifully put. I agree with you 100%. My husband and I had to make changes from our comfort zone to nourish and raise two of our grandsons. I always look for a challenge, boy have I got now. :) I love new technology also. My mother said she would never change (72) but she doesn't realize she has. She is helping with the boys and doing more with me and my family. Shhhh, I'm not going to tell her that though. :)

  2. Janet, my lips are sealed. There is great satisfaction in stepping out of that comfort zone, giving up a bit of ourselves. Good for you.