Friday, January 7, 2011

Song of the Wind

The wind blew and the bottles sang. Nature made known her voice. They sang in harmony joining in a voice singing to the ocean, singing with the ocean.

A couple of years ago on a visit to see my sister in Key West, she suggested that we go to an exhibit at the local gallery. She explained that it was a bottle exhibit. Bottles were placed on the ends of poles and whistled when the wind passed by. My enthusiasm did not peak. Who among us had not blown across the top of a pop bottle to hear the sound once more? My granddaughter's and I can't pass up the chance.

We walked to the gardens behind the small gallery sitting on the shore. A variety of blue bottles were turned upside down on the spikes of the fence. There was little wind. The garden was silent.

For awhile we lingered in the garden hoping that there would be more than just bottles on sticks. At first a single note resonated. More and more notes began to fill the air. The blue bottles seemed to take up a life of their own blending sounds that were at times almost human. We stood alone in the garden with the music our only company. The bottles matching the blue of the water, the simplicity of this piece of art were as lovely and moving as a painting by the masters.

It was indeed interactive art. One could not but help interact with the song of the wind. One creating harmony with many. The song of the wind. The song of mankind.


  1. What a cool blog post and picture! Reading it was almost as good as experiencing it for myself.

  2. If ever you get a chance to see the exhibit, do. It was an experience worth remembering.