Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Shoes That Tie

"He couldn't even tie his shoes," she said. "At his age, he should know how to tie shoes. He told me he didn't need to know how. He had velcro fasteners!"

Ah, already we are seeing things pass into "I remember when". Shoes that once tied are becoming those that slip on, velcro and even those that zip. Tying shoes just might be a thing of the past. I can't complain. I hated lacing up new shoes. I never could tie a bow that stayed tied for long. Even now I double knot.

My granddaughters and I sat in the car while my daughter ran in to the store. Across the way a man sat beneath coin phone that hung on the wall.

"Hey, girls, look at that phone," I said. "Someday those phones will be gone. You will no longer see one."

"Where will they go, Grammy?" Gabby asked.

"Honey, they will be a thing of your past."

No longer do phone booths stand along the streets. More and more people are turning to cell phones instead of the standard home phone. Ah, times be a changing.

Gabby does her homework. I try to help. A story problem requires her to subtract. She sits there quietly thinking.

"Why don't you write it down, Honey?" I suggest. By the time the question has left my lips, she has written down the answer. She is using the computer in her head. An equation on paper is obsolete.

We play board games on the TV, type on our phones and talk on computers. My granddaughters' will not find many of the changes in their lives on the shelf of an antique store. I'm fascinated with this passing history so different from mine.

Glimpses of yesterday are here today.

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