Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bring It On

2012. The number strikes fear in the hearts of many. Imagine me saying it with mock fear in my voice. 2012. Maybe a little bit of Orson Welles.

I guess when you have lived long enough nothing scares you. Our world was supposed to come to an end several times during my 63 years. I'm still here so I guess it didn't happen. My son and I were talking about the hype about the Mayan calendar. He informed me of the basis of the expected doom. I inform him that probably the Mayan's, were they still around, would just need to go buy a new calendar. Maybe one with puppies on it.

We all know that we aren't here forever. I certainly don't sit around worrying about it. We only have today. And, I'm fine with the fact. For if I only have today, I will make the best of it.

Tomorrow Oregon will have their largest earthquake drill ever. Schools, businesses and homeowner are to initiate a practice drill. A 9.0 quake is expected at any time. We are informed that it is long overdue. So some time tomorrow I will drop and roll. I guess if I'm with the puppy, she will go with me. The ocean plates are shifting, and we will shift with them when it happens. Am I worried? No. Again, I live for today.

I feel sorry for those people who live in fear of the unknown, fear of the past and fear of change. Most of my life I think I was afraid of the mistakes I'd made in my life, of job loss, of raising a family, of a big mountain called St. Helens that lives nearby. I cannot hide from the past, let alone, the earth. I cannot change many things in the present. And, if St. Helens or Mt. Hood decides to blow, I will sit in my house and listen to the ash fall on the roof. I cannot change many things, but I can change me. I refuse to be afraid.

Years ago I would not have tolerated being near a snake. Yet, after a long talk with myself, I touched a snake at the science fair and encouraged my granddaughters to do the same. I have spent nights worrying,  afraid of decisions I made or had to make, afraid of loss, afraid of myself. Well, I'm not afraid any more. I might stumble and fall over my own mistakes, but it will not destroy me. A hurricane might pass through my life, but I have felt the sting and will survive. I have today and embrace it with all I am.

2012 will come no matter what I do, how much preparation I could be. Also in 2012, I will be 65. I will hopefully have another grandchild added to the pack. Hopefully, I will have a book on the shelves of every bookstore in America. Best of all, I will have a positive attitude.

Bring it on.


  1. I met a young woman who is sure 2012 will be our destruction. She declared it while standing with her 5 year old daughter. I asked if she intended to stop working and enjoy every moment left between now and then. Max out the cards, take her girl out of school and travel. Live for every moment. She said no, she would continue on with her crappy job and exist on the fringe of the working class with fear stabbing at her heart.
    I can only wonder: does she really believe in this destruction and has no courage to act like it? Or does she have doubts and is hedging her bets?
    Fear is such a contradictory emotion it drives us both to and away from our better selves.

  2. Jake, you are such a wise man. I hadn't really thought of it that way. It is indeed a contradictory emotion. I feel very sorry for her little girl hearing such negativity. We teach by who we are in the eyes of the child.

    Thanks for writing.

  3. Imagine being five and deathly afraid that your life will end when the clock strikes midnight on Dec 31. That would scar you for life.