Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Tattered Pattern

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care. The stockings hung at our chimney were made with much love and care.

In the '80's Family Circle advertised what would be considered now as folk art, needlepoint stockings. I sent for the pattern that came with the outline of the stockings as well as the pieces to create names and designs. Hour after hour I toiled over the stockings wanting them to be just right for my children.

Not long after I took up the needle and pattern again to make stockings for my niece and grandniece. Each stocking takes hours to make. Eagerly I filled the finished stockings and sent them to the farm for my niece to open on Christmas Day. Dad misplaced the gifts from me so later sent the package on to Jobi in Indiana. She was at work when the gifts were delivered then stolen off her doorstep.

Years later I would again make stockings for her and her family of six. Other stockings would follow for me and my husband. Hour upon hour of stitching. Soon my hands were aching from the repetitive work.

Two granddaughters were born to the family. By now I had begun to create my own designs making each stocking different and more personal.

My hands will no longer do needlepoint. I keep hoping someone in the family will want to continue the homemade stockings. I would love to see a tradition move forward.

Yes, names are on the stockings. Unless someone comes along with the same name, the stockings will be just pieces of the past.

 For another year, they hang with care from a Grandma who hopes Santa soon will be here.

The tattered pattern waits.


  1. My mother-in-law made these stockings back in the 70s - 80s for all of her children. I have admired them for years, and last year finally asked her where she got the pattern. She is supremely organized, and went to her filing cabinet and made me a copy of it. It sat around my house for a year, then I finally got up the courage to visit a needlepoint store to get the materials to start making them for myself and my husband and our three children. I can tell this is going to be a huge project (no I don't expect to get them done by this Christmas...or maybe even next...). Your stockings are beautiful, and the recipients are lucky. Bless you for your efforts. Even if no one takes up the torch right now, they are special.

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      My mother made these stockings for me and my brother and sister when we were young. They were lost in a house fire many years ago and my mother has been searching for the pattern as now she has grandchildren she would like to make them for. I'm wondering if you would be able to email or fax the pattern to me? This would mean so much to me and my family. My mom actually started crying when I showed her the picture of the stockings posted above. Thank you for your time and any help you can offer!
      Fax: 815-361-7554
      Thanks again and Happiest of Holidays!

  2. Pamela Loxley DrakeDecember 4, 2013 at 9:43 AM

    I hope Danea was able to help you. I am without wifi at the moment and have no idea where my pattern is since I am in the process of moving. Your stocking will be a gift. Use your own creativity to make is a priceless heirloom for your loved one. I used needlepoint patterns then became more creative with my own ideas. Only one regret. I wish I had not put the names on them since they are more difficult to hand down. Good luck and have fun. Would love to see a picture when you are finished. My email is Merry Christmas to you and may the new year be full of love and laughter.

  3. Pamela Loxley DrakeDecember 4, 2013 at 9:48 AM

    Danea, thank you for helping with this project. As I said, I have been away from my blog as well as the location of the pattern with this move. I love that my readers are watching out for one another. Have a very wonderful holiday season. Fill your house with laughter and love. We share a journey together. Thank you for taking part in mine.Merry Christmas.

  4. I am a reference librarian and have a patron who came in looking for this exact pattern. She had it when it was first offered and made them for her kids. Now she would like to make them for her grandchildren, but cannot find the pattern. Was anyone able to locate the pattern and would be willing to share it?
    Thank you for your help,
    August 25, 2015 at 3:47 PM

  5. I have often been asked for this pattern. I do have it but it is tattered after so many years of use. I treasure it. The patterns I used in later years are far removed from the original. I will try to figure out how I can get this copied and then figure out how to get it to the people who want it. It will take some time but I will work on it. Thank you for making this connection. The stockings have been a treasure over the years.