Monday, December 6, 2010

Silver and Gold

Ha! I'll bet you think this is about Christmas. Not so. This is about changes. About embracing changes. And, a little bit about being afraid of change.

Last Friday I met up with a couple of guys I worked with several years ago. Usually, the group of friends numbers more with spouses and other friends in attendance, but this night only three of us were available for happy hour. It had been awhile since we had last met up.

"I really like your hair," Phil said. "It looks lighter."

Hm. That could be because it is lighter.

Several months ago I decided to let my hair go 'natural'. No more coloring. No more chasing the white and grey. My blond was going to be of another time, another age. I was tired of chemicals on my head. I was tired of trying to look younger than my sixty-three years. Why not embrace the original me?

This growing out of hair is a bit of an adventure. Off and on over the years, I highlighted my hair. My dirty blond was brightened with tiny streaks of light blond. I was aging and didn't really know it. Then one day I noticed that I was getting highlights that I hadn't added. White was finding its way around my face. I was actually turning into a grandma!!!!

So, like so many other women, I began chasing the white. I noticed that I had more highlights than natural color. Hm. I could no longer tell what was my natural color and what was not.

Tightening my belt financially had me looking more closely at what was important in my life and what was not. I spent more time looking in the mirror trying to imagine myself with the natural color....whatever that was. I noticed that I no longer needed to highlight the top portion of hair. White was invading and blond was retreating. So after weeks of wondering, I made the decision. No more coloring my hair. No more sharing my life with my hairdresser. No more paying to look younger. I decided to embrace my age and my new natural color.

Many months have passed since my hair was last colored. I do not have grow out. As the blond fades, the white takes over. A little grey gives it a bit of depth. I don't look in the mirror as much preferring not to think about it. So I am embracing this adventure. Who needs a mirror when you get great feedback.

"Wow, I really like it," Phil added.

Hey, so do I.

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